• We recondition & rewind marine craft and other generators.

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  • Quality Rebuilt & Rewound Generators and Motors

  • Every part… every winding… every bearing. At Broward Armature & Generator, nothing leaves our facility until it’s verified to be in “better than new” condition. Our expert staff tests all of our remanufactured generators and motors to ensure they’ll flawlessly perform at their full load capacity, and keep performing for maximum longevity.

    • All types of generators, from 3 to 500 HP & 500 KW
    • Specializing in Westerbeke Generators
    • AC and DC motors and pumps from fractional to 1,000 KW / HP motors: bow thrusters, pump motors, blowers, etc.
    • We rewind and recondition most types of armatures and stators
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  • Our Shop, Our People … Excellent Quality

    All rewinding and reconditioning takes place in our workshop with high-tech facilities for cleaning, winding repairing and testing generators and motors of all kinds. We also have on site specialized equipment for troubleshooting and test beds for test and documentation. After repairs, rewinding and reconditioning, the generators are better than new. A "Load Test" on most generators up to 30 KW ensures and documents the integrity of the performance.

    Our staff of engineers and technicians know this business well from years of experience with most types of generators and motors. This is our specialty: we do it right. We test it under proper load to assure that you receive a unit that will perform as expected.

    Our technicians operate above industry standards. We want our customers to have a real sense of comfort and confidence that our workmanship will be done right the first time, and meet all performance expectations.

    When you work with Broward Armature and Generator, you can have full confidence in your equipment, and our service and support.

  • Load Tested To Assure Performance

    Load Tested To Assure Performance

    Each unit is test run under load prior to leaving our shop … A key part of our quality rebuilding process

    Testing, hipot, no load, load, megger

    Our specialized load bank can be set to exact load specs

    You know your rewound generator will work properly

  • Better Than New… Made-to-Last Generators & Motors

    Better Than New…
    Made-to-Last Generators & Motors

    Our rebuilt generators are made to higher specs than the originals

    Our people are well trained and experienced … this is our specialty

    We use the best quality materials: wire, insulation, premium bearings and more

    We coat the winding with premium grade varnish to insulate and protect it from corrosives in even the harshest marine conditions

    We submerge the entire generator in varnish and then bake it to add an additional protective coating

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